Clean Room Equipment

With today’s ever changing work environment, if you have an existing clean room or need one, contact us to review options available.

Softwall “E” rooms and Clean Rooms are modular in design and custom built to meet specific material handling and process specifications. Softwall tunnels can integrate multiple operations into one environmentally controlled process.

Modular wall panels to create clean rooms and/or environmental enclosure. Let our factory engineers provide a room to meet your specifications. When the lease runs out, (or the boss wants a change), tear it down and rebuild at the new location.

Clean Room Equipment

If you have an existing clean room, we can supply entry mats, stainless steel carts, shelves, doors and more. See below for a list of clean room equipment that is available to order.

Highspeed Doors

New Automatic Flexible doors, water/airtight and clean design, made from new high performance materials, economical and long-lasting for clean rooms.

Pallet Truck

Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks and Lifts

Stronghold Cabinets – Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cabinets to secure your products.

Biofit Chairs

Biofit chairs shipped to your location are certified to meet cleanliness requirements.

Starsys work station

Starsys Lab Triple Polymer and Stainless Steel work Stations available for your labs.

Stainless Steel Carts

Store Mor Equipment can provide countless styles of stainless steel carts to meet your needs.

Plastic Tote Bins and Containers

We have over 20 suppliers of plastic bins and containers to store your products correctly.

Plastic Pallets

We can provide plastic pallets for your clean room applications.