Shelving – Commercial, Industrial


StoreMor Equipment can save you money by helping you optimize the productivity of your space. Let us help you with your commercial shelving layout. We have experience with commercial, industrial, warehouse, pharmaceutical, foodservice and healthcare shelving designs.

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Metal Clip Style Shelving

Metal clip style shelving is easy to install and has quick and easy shelf adjustment. Ideal for any application office, home or warehouse.

Open Metal Clip Shelving

This type of shelving uses sway braces for stability of the unit. It allows for open access to your product.

Closed Metal Clip Shelving

The closed metal clip shelving has sheet metal panels on the sides and backs. This increases stability and provides a cleaner more finished look.

Metal Clip Shelving with Bins

Metal clip shelving units with bins combines shelving with storage bins allowing you more versatility when storing small parts and components.

rivet-shelvingRivet Style Shelving
Rivet Style shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for storage. Rivet shelving offers spans of up to 8 feet wide and depths of up to 4 feet. Capacities can run over 2,000 pounds per level. Rivet type shelving is available with a variety of decking materials depending on the application The decking options include wood, wire and steel.

Wire Shelving

Chrome, Epoxy or stainless steel finishes are available on wire shelving to match your need. Strong wire construction permits air circulation, sprinkler penetration and reduces the accumulation of dirt and dust.