Westinghouse Lighting Solutions


Spending too much on energy costs?

Store Mor Equipment Inc. has the answer. Maximize energy savings and focus light where you need it most with Westinghouse High Bay T5HO Fluorescent lighting systems.

This revolutionary technology will save your company up to 75% on the cost of lighting your facility, while producing superior light quality. By adding occupancy sensors to our instant-on fluorescent fixtures in low traffic areas, you can boost your savings up to 90%.

Worry-Free Quoting: We will visit your facility, survey your existing light system and provide a value engineered solution detailing the savings you will experience by replacing your inefficient halide lamps with a Westinghouse Lighting System.

Store Mor Equipment Inc. takes Lighting Efficiency to New Heights
Traditional metal halide lamps are inefficient and provide minimum light at maximum expense. Westinghouse Lighting Solutions make traditional lighting obsolete by maximizing foot candles (light on the work surface) and using half the energy. The High Bay T5HO fluorescent lighting systems maintain up to 95% of their initial lumens over their rated life while metal halides lose one third of their initial lumens in just 40% of their rated life. The Combination of Westinghouse unique reflector designs and energy-saving Westinghouse T5 lamps increases lighting efficiency by providing both superior light and significant savings.

Westinghouse High Bay Fluorescent fixtures combine highly efficient T5 lamps and proprietary reflectors in a variety of beam spreads.

Products and Applications

  • Dirty Locations
  • General Manufacturing
  • General Warehousing
  • High Racked Aisles
  • Mezzanines
  • Parking Garages

Our various lamp configurations are designed to deliver improved lighting and significant savings.


Narrow Beam Lighting

Narrow beam lighting or aisle lighting provides a narrow-focused rectangular beam that provides uniform vertical Illumination in tall, stacked pallet aisles. This type of lLighting is a major improvement over metal halide lighting. Metal halide only reaches the top shelf pallets and upper ceiling, and produces shadows in the aisles below.


Medium Beam Lighting

Medium beam lighting provides a balance of diffused and focused lighting, ideal for medium or low-racked, open-aisle industrial and retail lighting.


Wide Beam Lighting

Wide beam lighting produces a broad diffused beam for even, open space illumination. Our wide beam diffusers provide the perfect lighting environment for manufacturing and mass market retail facilities.


Low Mounting Parking Pro

Low Mounting Parking Pro lighting provides an enclosed and gasketed fixture. This extra protection is perfectly suited for lighting parking garages, food storage and docking areas.


  • Savings of up to 75% on your lighting bill
  • One on one replacement of fixtures
  • Instant Restrike capability ensures restoration of lighting immediately (eliminating downtime)
  • T5 maintains up to 95% of their initial lumens over their lifetime (HID loses 1/3 in the first 40% of their life)
  • High efficient aluminum proprietary reflectors
  • Refrigeration/Freezer enclosed fixtures available
  • Fee On-Site survey to show savings
  • Partial shipments available with total project quantity discount pricing.