Inplant Offices and Office Partitions

Modular In-Plant Offices

Advantages of Modular In-Plant Offices

CMM Room Portafab

  • No Construction Noise, Dust or Mess
  • Flexible design can be taken down or added to when needed
  • Provides clean, quiet, comfortable rooms for Lunchrooms or Break rooms close to employees
  • Smaller offices can be built on a fork truck base for easy maneuvering
  • Accessories include increased ceiling height, overhead doors and FRP panels
  • Multiple vinyl and paint colors available

Uses for Modular Offices:

Breakroom with vending machines

  • Lunch Rooms
  • Break Rooms
  • Smoking Shelters (can be equipped with benches, heaters and lights)
  • Shipping and Receiving Offices
  • Quality Control Rooms
  • CMM Rooms
  • 2 Story Offices
  • Anytime you need additional office space

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Typical Building Structure

Smoking ShelterModular In-Plant Office
Modular Office in Warehouse
Quality components and solid construction are found in every building.  Standard 3” thick wall is available with two basic core systems.

Value Core:  Polystyrene core with a Binder Post system
Honeycomb Core: Phenolic resin-impregnated honeycomb core with divider strips.

Here are the basic components of an in-plant office building:

  1. 20 Gauge Steel Door – Galvanized 1-3/4” thick, painted, with tempered glass window.
  2. Value Core Panel – Polystyrene core permanently bonded to one of many available facing materials.
  3. Binder Post System –  Binder post connects the panels with receptacle and electrical wiring run down the center.
  4. Fork/Crane Lift-able Base – Optional heavy-duty welded structural steel base with full-depth fork pockets or crane mounts.
  5. Steel Dust Cover – 22 gauge 1-1/2” deep ribbed steel B-deck.
  6. Foam Gasket – Provides added sound and weatherproofing
  7. Painted Aluminum Extrusions – Top and bottom channels and corner posts.
  8. Honeycomb Core Panel – Phenolic resin-impregnated core permanently bonded to one of many available facing materials.
  9. Divider Strip Connection System – Matching divider strips connect the panels.
  10. Acoustical Drop Ceiling – Pre-painted metal 2×4 grid accepts standard fixtures and acoustical tile.
  11. Fluorescent 2’x4’ Light Fixture – Includes 4-lamp fixture with acrylic lens.
  12. Windows – Fixed or sliding ¼” thick tempered glass.
  13. Duplex Receptacle – In Binder post for Value Core system, placed anywhere within the panel structure on Honeycomb system.  Data and phone also available.